Victims' Rights Working GroupPromoting the rights and interests of victims
May 2018



African development and Peace Initiative was founded in 2005 by peace loving individuals who have passionate love for mankind and are touched by the suffering of the people of northern Uganda for the last 22 years of insurgency of the Lords resistance Army (LRA)

African Development and Peace initiative started a program with peace building and conflict resolution and later on two components of HIV/AIDS and Legal Aid Clinic are introduced, focusing on supporting those who are most in need of the services of Professional lawyers and legal practitioners. We have received support for our clients from a private law Firm M/S Alaka Caleb & Co Advocates and Legal aid project of Uganda Law Society who . Some of the beneficiaries are women, children the elderly and people living with HIV/AIDS. Some of the beneficiaries are victims of LRA conflict in Northern Uganda . Many of our beneficiaries have benefited from our range of activities including free legal advice legal representation in the courts of law, free mediation and counseling which has improved the quality of their lives.

African development and Peace initiative maintained good working relationship with the partners (District Local Government and NGO's in the District) and is represented in all important coordination meetings.

African development and peace initiatives manages the program with a team of professionals and management staff, and while it has an established office in Adjumani town.


The vision of ADPI is to have economically empowered victims of armed conflict, People living with HIV/AIDS, women, children and elderly to have access to Justice and reduced community conflicts.


The mission of ADPI is to promote conducive environment that will reduce human suffering and improve the quality of life of the less privileged persons in Society.
Core Values of ADPI.

  • Love for one another
  • Team work and
  • Stewardship


Improve the quality of life for victims of armed conflict, people living with HIV/AIDS, women, children and elderly through the provision of legal Aid services, Peace building, Human Rights and Economic Empowerment.


Legal Aid Services and Psycho-social Support.

Under the legal aid services ADPI supports the most vulnerable persons like women, children and the elderly. We support the beneficiaries using several approaches such as mediation, arbitration, legal representation in the courts of law and counseling.

The picture below is of Mrs. Majuma Yasin and her baby who have been abandoned by her husband; through ADPI legal aid services she is able to receive some maintenance fees of Shs 60,000 per month.

ADPI has also supported several families who are facing unlawful eviction from their land by some school authorities. These families gave part of their land for the school free of charge, but the school authorities have turned against them and they are unlawfully trying to evict them. ADPI together with the Legal aid project of Uganda law Society have supported these families to defend their land. Through the legal aid clinic, we support people living with AIDS. The photograph below is Mr. Kure John Asobsi whose job was terminated because of his HIV/AIDS status, and without fair hearing. We are helping Mr. Kure John Asobasi to recover his unpaid salaries, two months notice of monthly salary and general damages for being discriminated for his HIV/AIDS status. We continue to help many people who can not afford to hire professional lawyers to stand for them in the courts of law.


We have peace building and human rights program most specifically on children’s rights, child labor, defilement and fundamental human rights of the citizens whose rights are being abused by people in authority and those who are holding public offices. We run village meetings, focus group discussions to inform people about their rights and children’s rights in particular.


Together with the Trust Fund for Victims of the international criminal court (ICC) ADPI is developing program for supporting the victims of LRA conflict in northern Uganda. The support will include physical rehabilitation/reconstruction of body parts, psychological rehabilitation, economic empowerment and community healing process, through the interim period of the project.


HIV/AIDS is a global concern and it requires a concerted effort to address it. Through our program we support people living with AIDS through one of the following processes.

  • Psychological support through legal counseling.
  • Will writing and documentation of estates.
  • Support in business planning and management of small business.
  • Economic empowerment.

We shall introduce other HIV/AIDS services such as food item support and school fees program for orphans and people living with HIV/AIDS


ADPI is a member of NGO coalition for International criminal Court (CICC), Uganda Coalition for International criminal Court (UCICC), a Member of Uganda Victims Rights Working group with a Portfolio of committee member, Adjumani District NGO Forum ADPI is the current chair, and we are also member of West Nile Anti-Corruption Coalition.


We promote the international criminal Court through the following activities:

  • By distributing ICC material like the Rome Statues and other legal texts. We help interested victims to participate in the court process by filling the Victims Participation and Reparation Forms.
  • We also participate in ICC outreach like the informative workshops.
  • Plans are also under way for us to run radio program relating to ICC outreach information.
  • We also support the ICC through networking and collaborations like the Uganda victims Right Working group activities and OTP-NGO round table meetings.

ADPI Staff pose for group photograph with Mr. Bartel Scott, the field program staff for trust fund for victims (TFV) International criminal court