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February 2020



UCICC is one of the responses to the involvement of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the conflict in Northern Uganda in 2003. This was by virtue of a referral of the northern Uganda Conflict to the court for purposes of investigation and prosecution of those that bear the greatest blame for the atrocities committed in the region.

In its work in Northern Uganda , the ICC met great challenges due to insufficient support from the communities where it worked and other Ugandans. Indeed, some Ugandans had publicly criticized and threatened to undermine the work of the court in investigating the situation in Northern Uganda . In reaction to this, the UCICC was formed in 2004. UCICC is a brain child of Human Rights Network Uganda (HURINET - U), borne at a work shop organized by the network to bring together key players in civil society, government and the international community to map out, as well as endorse a strategy to be employed in the campaign for the ICC in Uganda.

To date, HURINET- U plays an active role in the coalition, and hosts it at its premises in Kampala .


UCICC's objectives are: To sensitize Ugandans about the ICC and clarify the role of the ICC.

To create a platform for debate on the ICC.


Although it is a coalition for the ICC, UCICC is not a mouthpiece of the ICC. It is part of the Global Independent movement, Coalitiion for the International Criminal Court (CICC) that has its head quarters in New York , USA . UCICC does not take a position for or against the ICC, and strives to achieve its objectives in a neutral manner. Note that UCICC is made up of member organizations that have different views on the ICC.

UCICC's work is coordinated by a steering committee of 7 member organizations which include: Human Rights Network - Uganda , Uganda Women's Network, National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda, and Legal Aid Project of the Uganda Law Society, Women's International Cross Cultural Exchange (ISIS- WICCE), Public Defenders Association of Uganda, and the Uganda Human Rights Commission.

The steering committee's roles include; unpacking the ICC Bill 2004 to make it user friendly, providing information to Ugandans on the role and usefulness of the ICC, lobbying and advocating (in parliament) for the enactment of the ICC Bill 2004, monitoring the implementation of the ICC Act, and compiling and disseminating reports on relevant findings relating to the ICC in Uganda.


The Coalition appreciates the generosity of the MacArthur Foundation and the CICC that has been funding its activities since its inception. UCICC would kindly welcome donations in support of its activities.


Some of the activities that UCICC has carried out include:

  • Holding Public debates where intellectuals, NGOs, and practitioners dialogue on topical issues concerning the ICC, peace and Justice, among others.
  • Seminars
  • Radio talk shows where people get to voice their opinions
  • Organizing regional sensitization workshops
  • Training of judicial and security officers, legal practitioners, the media, religious leaders, on the ICC, in collaboration with other stakeholders like Redress International.

Contact us:

Rose Nakayi
Project Coordinator
Uganda Coalition for the International Criminal Court
Human Rights Network Uganda (HURINET – U)
Plot 94 Old Kiira Road , Ntinda.
Tel/Fax: +256 414 286881

Regional Sensitization Workshops In Northern, March 24-31, 2006