Victims' Rights Working GroupPromoting the rights and interests of victims
July 2020


Uganda Victims' Foundation

The Uganda Victims' Foundation (UVF) is a coalition of human rights and civil society NGOs in Uganda working with victims and on victims' rights issues. The objectives of the working group are to lobby and advocate for victims' rights especially with respect to the conflict in northern Uganda. The group was formed in 2006 following an International meeting of the Victims' Rights Working Group in London and a second in Kampala attended by participants and representatives of about seven NGOs working with victims who acknowledged the absence of an independent victims' rights advocacy group in the country.

The objectives of the UVF are as follows:

I) Raising a voice for victims of crimes including victims of international crimes perpetrated in Uganda.

II) Enhancing access to information on victims' rights and victims' organizations.

III) Provide capacity development for members in respect of the victims' thematic areas of Treatment, Access to Justice, Reparations, etc.

IV) Accountable actions amongst state and non state actors.

Activities of the UVF include:

- joint advocacy actions in the form of statements, press releases and press articles (CHOGM, Juba Peace Process)

- training of trainers / grass roots activists working with victims on victims rights

- members have conducted coordinated consultations with victims and sensitisation about their rights


UVF Coordinator
c/o African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET)
P.O.Box 981
Plot 12 Otim Tom Road
Junior quarters, Lira District


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