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May 2021



ICC Victims’ Rights Legal Update:

 August 2014 - June 2015



Lubanga case

  • Appeals Chamber confirms Mr Lubanga's conviction
  • Appeals Chamber confirms sentence, review hearing coming up
  • Appeals Chamber amends Decision on the principles and procedures on reparations

Katanga case

  • Victims set out their expectations for reparation
  • Parties and the Trust Fund file observations on reparation
  • External parties also make submissions on reparation
  • Chamber sets deadline for the transmission of new applications for reparation

Ngudjolo Chui case

  • Acquittal confirmed on appeal

Ntaganda case

  • Trial to open in the Hague, not Bunia
  • Chamber sets procedure for victims to apply to participate at trial, confirms legal representation


L.Gbagbo and C. Blé Goudé cases

  • Admissibility challenge rejected in Blé Goudé case
  • Gbagbo and C.Blé Goudé cases are joined; date set for trial
  • Chamber sets new procedure for victims to seek participation in trial

S.Gbagbo case

  • Appeals Chamber confirms admissibility of the case


  • Central African Republic    (html or pdf version)                          

Bemba case: Trial concludes, abuse of process claim rejected

  • Defence’s request for stay of proceedings and release is rejected

Bemba and others case: Trial set to start in September for alleged witness tampering

  • Bemba and his co-accused face charges of offences against the administration of justice
  • Trial set to start on 29 September 2015

CAR 2: Opening of a new investigation in the Central African Republic

  • CAR President refers situation to the ICC


  • Uganda     (html or pdf version)                          

Kony, Otti, Odhiambo and Ongwen case

  • Ongwen transferred to the ICC, pre-trial proceedings underway
  • Ongwen case severed from other Uganda cases

Ongwen case

  • Exact scope of the charges revealed, new charges to be added
  • Single Judge sets out process for victims who wish to participate in confirmation of charges


 Kenyatta case

  • Charges are withdrawn
  • Kenya’s non-compliance to be reviewed anew

Ruto & Sang case

  • Kenya’s cooperation requested to compel witnesses to testify
  • Prior unsworn statements of core witnesses to be admitted for the truth of their contents

 Situation in Kenya

  • Victims’ lawyer challenges prosecutorial decision to drop investigations


  • Saif Al Islam Gaddafi case: non-compliance referred to UNSC